A 21st Century Palace Asia

On Saturday, February 15th, Geoffrey Bradfield and Roric Tobin, of B&T Global, welcomed guests to preview their US inaugural book launch A 21st Century Palace Asia, hosted by Taglialatella Galleries. Guests included Lisa and Dr. Mehmet Oz, Sally and Dominic Taglialatella, Kim and Joan Sargent, Camilla and Tyler Sargent, Nicole and Nickolas Sargent, Bea Cayzer, Ambassador Edward Elson, Lady Sharon Sondes, Geoffrey Thomas, Gigi and Harry Benson, Amy Hoadley, Justin Concannon, Jean Shafiroff, Robert Caravaggi, CeCe and Lee Black, Eleonora Kennedy, Rick Moeser, Mitch Brown, Arni and Paola Rosenshein, Tom Shaffer, Jayne and Christopher Chase.

Photography by Annie Watt